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JESSAMINE is an independent music video director, and film/video producer in Toronto. She studied at Ryerson University's Film Production program from 2016 - 2018, and dropped out after receiving a FACTOR grant with the intention of pursuing a career in film/video independently. She is also the recent recipient of the Charlotte Day Wilson and Fantavious Fritz Work Film Grant.

Her directorial work has been featured, screened, and published in various publications and venues including Paper Magazine, Clipped.TV, Toronto Short Film Festival, Toronto Youth Shorts Festival, 300 Seconds Film Festival, and Portland Dance Film Festival, where she was a panelist alongside other international directors. Her first short film, White Flag, was awarded the GLARE committee award at Ryerson's GLARE Festival, and was nominated for Best Music Video at the 300 Seconds Film Festival.

JESSAMINE also currently works at Woods Entertainment, as a Production and Distribution Assistant. Current films in production include The Kid Detective (starring Adam Brody).


Film Production - Ryerson University

Lighting, Cinematography, and Production Courses - Liaison of Independent Filmmakers


Trying by Aunty Social - Music Video - Director

Not Ur Girl by Kendal Thompson - Music Video - Director

Uncomfortable in Another Bed by Tali - Music Video - Director 

White Flag - Independent Short - Director

Carbon - BAZZUL Fashion Film - Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Sororum Capsule Collection - Promo Video - Director

Shoppalu Fall Collection - Promo Video - Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Things I Do - Music Video - Dir. D.W. Waterson - Production Manager

Five Star - Commercial - Dir. Robert Pilichowski - Producer

Gucci Denim by Jimmy Prime - Music Video - Dir. Robert Pilichowski - Assistant Director

Jazz Hands - Feature Film - Dir. Kevin Lien and Steven Song - Production Designer

Mary - Short Film - Dir. Slater Jewell-Kemker - CFC short - Production Designer

The Wild Season - Short Film - Dir. Jonathan B. Elliot - Paper Frame Productions - Production Designer

If you Leave - Dir. Robert Pilichowski - Production Assistant

Lose Lose by Jay Whiss - Music Video - Dir. Robert Pilichowski - Production Assistant